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The Swiss-Chilean citizen Carlos Kindermann has returned to Araucan├şa after 47 years. He will return to the territory of his childhood, from where he was taken away before his adolescence. On this trip, he will enroll in his name 3,000 hectares of valuable territory that he comes to receive as an inheritance from his recently deceased father. Kindermann wants to sell fast and forget as soon as possible this unwanted journey to the South American country. The events, however, will slowly disintegrate his desire and will push the character to a crossroads between two openly excluding worldviews. When Carlos Kindermann discovers this new world, he experiences an awakening.


Dominio Vigente is an independent Chilean / German co-production film self-managed through all its production stages. The Director Juan Mora Cid was inspired by Karl Kindermann┬┤s story, a Swiss citizen who traveled to southern Chile to acquire an inheritance of land in the middle of Mapuche territory. Dominio Vigente was nominated for Best film in 2020 by the German Film Academy.

Juan Mora Cid


Juan Mora Cid, was born in 1983 in Concepci├│n, Chile. He studied visual communication and specialized in film directing at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. In 2020 he was nominated for the First Steps award by the German film academy for his film "DOMINIO VIGENTE - DER WERT DER ERDE" which had its world premiere at the 42nd International Max Oph├╝ls Award Film Festival, Germany, 2021.


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